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The Work of Inomata

Inside the Restaurant

Purchase and Preparation

We "Sushi Inomata" always want to be a sushi restaurant that serves customers who love sushi and want to eat delicious sushi.

It is believed that the season, location, weather and condition of the sea, as well as the careful work of fishermen, intermediate wholesalers and others who handle fish, affect the taste of fish.

We regularly visit fishing ports all over Japan to maintain a close relationship with fishermen and intermediate wholesalers as well as to find the taste that makes us satisfied.

We work according to the temperature, humidity, season and condition of each fish for preparation.

It is our pleasure to serve our customers what we are satisfied with and make them happy.

Please feel the season, and enjoy the sushi of Inomata that can only be eaten on the day. The taste of sushi could be changed by its preparation as we use seasonal fish.

Sushi Rice

The main feature of sushi is rice ("Shari"). It is believed that rice is important. It is no exaggeration to say that the deliciousness of rice determines 80% of the taste of sushi.


We continued to eat rice from various areas and search for sweet and tasty rice that would absorb the flavor of the fish we let to mature and the strong tuna. We came across wonderful rice made in a place where mineral-rich melted snow water flows in and there is a big difference in temperature between day and night while we were looking for the ideal rice (Won the Gold Prize at Japan's Largest Rice Contest "International Rice Taste Analysis Competition").


We visit farmers several times to purchase rice directly from them as we always check it with our tongues and make sure if "we would like our customers to eat this kind of rice."


We carefully select high-quality sake that you can enjoy together with the aftertaste of sushi. Enjoy sake in a specially made tin ("Suzu") sake container to enhance the taste of cold sake to the maximum.
We have not only Japanese sake but also rare white wine and champagne imported directly from French wineries. It is believed that not only foreign customers but also everyone can enjoy the combination of sushi and wine.

 The types of sake can be changed according to the season just like sushi, so please ask us about the types on the day.

Sanriibu Saiwaicho Kootohausu, 1-12-23, Saiwaicho, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, 332-0016, Japan

Telephone: 048-211-4175

Closed: Sundays, Mondays, and national holidays, reservation only, 2 different start times from 17: 00 and from 20: 00.

The budget is around 30,000 yen (excluding tax).

*It depends on the purchase.

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